Taylor Swift’s fans are mad over changes made to her Spotify page — Was it Scooter’s fault?

Taylor Swift fans went all Ballistic when they noticed some changes on her Spotify Page. They took their anger out on Scooter Braun and held him responsible for her missing albums. Is he really to Blame? Continue reading to find out.

Scooter Braun held responsible for the disappearance of the original version of Taylor Swift’s albums

On July 17, Taylor Swift fans noticed that the original versions of her albums like “Speak Now,” “Reputation,” “Taylor Swift,” and “RED,” were missing from streaming on her artist page. Only the radio releases were available on Spotify. Furthermore, some fans also pointed out that these albums could only be found if they searched them manually. 

Recently, Scooter Braun’s company named Ithaca Holdings purchased the Record label company named Big Machine. In June 2019, his company claimed the ownership of Taylor Swift’s masters to the first 6 albums. And since then, both of them have been fighting over the rights for her old songs. When her original work vanished from her Spotify page, fans started accusing Scooter of removing her music.

Some even took their frustration out on Twitter and called him disgusting and greedy. At that time, he was promoting the radio releases of her songs. Apart from that, on 8th May,  the hashtag #TaylorSwiftSpotify was trending on Twitter. Fans were directly pointing out at Scooter Braun.

Besides, fans claimed that whenever they would click on the versions, it would show Scooter’s company name. Moreover, they also accused him of leaving Big Machine Records’ radio release versions on Spotify, while hiding Cruel Summer singer’s original old albums. However, the accusations were wrong, and it wasn’t Braun’s fault.

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What was Taylor Swift’s response?

After realizing that her labels were bought by none other than Scooter Braun, she expressed her disappointment on Tumblr. For the past few years, she had been asking to give her a chance to have ownership of her work. But instead of that, she was asked to sign in with Big Machine Records and earn her albums.

On April 23, she called out Scooter for being shameless greed for purchasing her old albums in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. She also called out Scott Borchetta for not approaching her first to her songs. Also, she wrote a big note for her fans on her Instagram story. Fans sided with Taylor and decided to teach Scooter a lesson.

Was it really Scooter Braun’s fault or was it just an internal glitch?

Taylor Swift’s albums were missing, except the radio releases. As soon as the fans noticed the change, they lashed out on Scooter. Yes, Taylor’s original albums were removed, but it looks like he wasn’t responsible for this. Later on, Spotify confirmed that it was a glitch. It occurred when the Brand’s operations team was doing a routine cleanup.

After the hashtag #TaylorSwiftSpotify trended on Twitter, Spotify released an official statement. They also cleared fans’ doubts by confirming on their company’s Twitter that the news was true. So you can rest assured now because Taylor Swift’s original versions are restored to her artist page. However, she wasn’t the only one who was affected. Artists like Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett witnessed the same problem too.


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