Sony starts talking about PS5 strategies

Sony starts talking about PS5 strategies

At present, there are no reports regarding the next PlayStation model as of what it will be called and when it will be available in the market for sale, or what form factor it might take. But recently, executives from Sony have started revealing the inner details about the product and that what will be their focus with the new product.

We already knew that Sony PlayStation 4 came in the market after Microsoft ruled the gaming market with its Xbox 360, and Microsoft to give a fierce competition to PS4 launched its Xbox One in the market.

A lot have charge since 2013, as the Vita is now dead. But this left the scope for Nintendo to come up with Switch as a new bastion for indies. On the other hand, Sony again focused on big-budget AAA games and the largest indies with PlayStation 4 in hand.

Sony starts talking about PS5 strategies
Sony starts talking about PS5 strategies

There are reports that Microsoft has changed tack to court a range of indie partners through its Game Pass program and, in some cases, studio acquisition.

“As Xbox One lost this console generation to the PS4, it was on Microsoft to come up with a radical strategy to turn things around, with one component of that being studio acquisitions,” Kantan Games founder Dr. Serkan Toto told GameDaily via email.

“It’s clear that Sony doesn’t actively invest in securing indie games for the PS4 anymore and instead bets on bigger titles to sell hardware and drive profits. Microsoft’s strategy is not very different. On consoles, Nintendo has now taken on the role as the big brother for indies, and I believe they have been very successful with that strategy so far.”

Recently, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida during an event talked about how the new console, which will be a next-gen console will benefit players.

Yoshida said that the new device would focus more on enhanced graphical fidelity and shorter load times thereby providing a better gaming experience to the players.


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