Netflix still remains unbeatable in terms of new TV Shows and Films! Should it release more old content to gain more subscribers than rivals like Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max?

For the past couple of years, Netflix has introduced various genres of shows. In such a short period, it has released unique content for viewers. Today, many streaming platforms are trying to up their game by beating Netflix. According to the sources, new data reveals a huge amount of content was launched in the last ten years.

Netflix beats other platforms in terms of new content

Netflix’s original movies and tv series are more focused on recent years. They believe in newness, and this why they never fail to bring new content. As per the research of Reelgood, the streaming giant has released 674 originals till now. The second rank is followed by HBO Max, which has 190 originals till now. This streaming service was launched recently on May 27, 2020.

Netflix is known for releasing new content and that is why it has more subscribers than any other streaming services. As per the research of Ampere Analysis, around eighty percent of Netflix’s TV shows and films were launched in the 2010s. This data is recorded until May 2020. Moreover, 4 percent of new content was released in 2020.

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Besides, Hulu ranked second and has 69 percent of TV shows and films in terms of new content from the 2010s. Moreover, we have seen a 3 percent growth in 2020. As per the content, it was a piece of cake for Netflix to rank above all the other streaming rivals. However, the streaming giant should also focus on older TV shows and films.

If we compare Netflix with other streaming platforms, then you will realize that it has lesser older content. Fans who love the 2000s and 1990s TV shows and movies are now heading towards Disney Plus. It is a new streaming site that was launched on November 12, 2019. It is quite shocking to see its subscribers growing since its launch.

Besides, it has 25 percent of TV shows and movies that belong to the 2000s and 13 percent in the 1990s. If this continues, then Netflix will soon lose its crown to Disney Plus. Furthermore, HBO Max, which was newly launched, contains classic Hollywood movies and TV shows. According to the research, 12 percent of its content was originally aired before the 1970s.

We have researched the viewer data of TV shows and movies that were launched from the 1970s and earlier to 2010 and present on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. The list is arranged below:

Netflix – It has 2% from 1970s; 2% from 1980s; 3% from 1990s; 9% from 2000s; and 85% of streamers since 2010.

Hulu – It has 2% from 1970s; 2% from 1980s; 6% from 1990s; 18% from 2000s; and 72% since 2010.

Prime Video – It has 10% from 1970s, 5% from 1980s; 7% from 1990s; 17% from 2000s; and 61% since 2010.

Disney Plus – It has 9% from 1970s, 4% from 1980s; 13% from 1990s; 25% from 2000s; and 48% since 2010.

Amazon HBO Max – It has 16% from 1970s; 5% from 1980s; 12% from 1990s; 21% from 2000s; and 47% since 2010.

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