IP Man 4: The Finale (Netflix)

With an announcement on September 30, 2016, by Martial arts superstar Donnie yen and Wilson Yip for the return of the fourth film in the series of IP Man, it was made clear that the 4th installment will be the last one. 

The film began its production in April 2018 which ended by July 2018 was later released on December 20, 2019, and got positive reviews from 90% critics. 

All about Story Line and cast 

Resuming his role as Wing Chun, legendary grandmaster of Bruce Lee he discovers his throat cancer after his wife’s death. Following this Ip decides to relocate to San Francisco with his rebellious Son for his higher education. The movie was appreciated by all martial fans right after it’s release. 

In his journey to San Fransisco, he witnesses racial discrimination and also meanwhile finds out that his student Bruce Lee has somehow annoyed the martial arts community by agreeing to teach Non-Chinese students in Wing Chun School.

IP Man 4: The Finale (Netflix)
IP Man 4: The Finale (Netflix)

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After all the setbacks and overwhelming experiences throughout his stay in San Fransisco ultimately Ip reconciles with his rebel son for good.

Featuring Jim Liu as Ip Man’s second son, Vanda Margraf as Yonah Wan daughter of Wan Zhong-hua, and Kent chang as Fat Bo, a friend of Ip Man the movie became highest-grossing Chinese film of all time in the country. As of Feb 2020, the film had grossed $193 million worldwide.

More About the Finale

In 2019, a group of protestors called to boycott the film and they openly damaged the film on social media in both the languages English and Chinese. The protest was mainly a part of a bigger 2019-20 Hong Kong Protest.

The Finale directed by Wilson Yip will be available on Netflix on July 21 for the worldwide audience to watch.


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