Ford Unleashes the GT MK II

Ford Unleashes the GT MK II

The American carmaker brand Ford, today revealed the GT MK II at the Good wood Festival of Speed. Free of Motorsport regulations, this Beast is one true track bullying set of wheels.

Developed with the company’s race partner Multicast, the MK II is an unrestricted track-barely weapon. Just 45 of such vehicles will be assembled and will come at a robust cost of $1.2 million.

The GT MK II is fitted with a completely uncorked 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 running just shy of 700bhp. It feeds capacity to the back wheels by means of a similar seven-speed programmed gearbox as the street vehicle, yet it’s been re calibrated in view of substantial track use.

Ford Unleashes the GT MK II
Ford Unleashes the GT MK II

The adjustable ride tallness and driving modes have been dumped, thumping 150kg off the weight figure. Despite everything it runs Multimatic DSSV dampers; however, they’re now fixed in a low ride stature position. The Mk II is a better arrangement to bolster that beast motor, including bigger air coolers and a water-spray framework for better heat management.

The GT Mk II is liable to escalated body changes intended to increment downforce. There’s another double component back wing, a bigger front splitter, louvered bumpers, new dive planes, and an increasingly noticeable back diffuser.

The fascia shares more similarities with the street vehicle, yet in addition, makes a modest quantity of downforce and despite the fact that the ride stature is equivalent to the GTE vehicle, the underfloor is lower. The outcome is a 400-pound increment in downforce over the race vehicle.

What’s more, it is a mammoth rooftop scoop.

Passage GT Mk II will sit upon the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that will give more than 2g in lateral grasp on the track, yet the wheels aren’t made of carbon fiber—the 19-inchers are produced aluminum.

The GT Mk II is appearing this end of the week at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it will contend in the supercar shootout.


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